Winter Texan Television is seen on cable systems in RV resorts across the Rio Grande Valley showcasing the attractions and events in the Valley to help keep our Winter Texans informed and how to contact these places of interest. We try to video and take photos of events going on in the parks that carry our channel so we can broadcast them for the local viewers to enjoy. While we can’t get out to every event, we have found some great video footage on Youtube by local residents that we share on the channels and here on our website. If you are staying at a park with our channel and would like to share some photos and/or video with our viewers, please contact us here and we’ll make arrangements to get that on the air. To see if your park has Winter Texan TV, follow this link to our list of properties. If you’d like to share the video on this website just send us a link to your video or photos and we’ll make a post on our blog here. Just tell us a little bit about your event and send as much video and photos as you’d like.
Thanks in advance for participating. This is your channel,  Winter Texan Television!

The video below was published on Youtube February 18, 2014 by Claude and Renee Pageau who reside every winter at Victoria Palms Resort in Donna, Texas. You can watch Winter Texan TV on channel 81 at that property. This video is about “The Palmstock Gig” Hippie Generation Party at the park.

Here’s Claude’s description:

“What ever happened to the Hippie Generation. Well most of them are retired now and some are wintering in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Every once in a while they have a Karaoke Palmstock Gig and pretend they are hippies again. This video highlights the 17-Feb-2014 Hippie Days Party held in the Cactus Club at Victoria Palms RV Resort in Donna Texas. This IS the Hippie Generation that is now retired. Everyone had a groovy time. No Seniors were harmed during the making of this video. And Hey Man – A big thank you to the organizers for putting this whole karaoke Palmstock Gig together.”