The Museum of South Texas HistoryOne of the premier museums in The Rio Grande Valley is the Museum of South Texas History at 200 N. Closner Blvd. in Edinburg, Texas – another great Winter Texan Attraction in the Valley. It concentrates on the unique history and cultural blend of Hispanic and Anglo heritage in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Museum of South Texas History invites locals and Winter Texans to celebrate Pioneer & Ranching Crafts Day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017. This event, which started 27 years ago, continues to showcase pioneer, ranching and indigenous heritage and culture for the community. MOSTHistory is proud to present an event full of favorites as well as new activities and performers.

For more information on the event or becoming a FRIEND of the Museum, follow this link call +1-956-383-6911. The Museum of South Texas History is located at 200 N. Closner Blvd. on the Hidalgo County Courthouse square in downtown Edinburg. Watch this photo slide video of last year’s event:

As you enter the Museum of South Texas History, you can’t help but be struck by the elegance of the Grand Lobby. The architecture here reflects the Spanish Colonial style that became very popular here during the 1920’s. Native Mesquite wood is worked into the furnishings as well.

MOST (Museum of South Texas)

Take the opportunity to visit the facility while you are in the Valley. What the MOST (Museum of South Texas) has to offer can not be found easily elsewhere; it tells the history of South Texas from its ranching heritage, with artifacts of all eras, from the colonial days when Texas was part of Spain, to the present day. There are battle field relics from the Civil War as well as stories and presentations from the days of the bandit wars in the Rio Grande Valley. Visitors can enjoy presentations with multi-media of both sound and music, and physically walk aboard a replica bow of a steamboat that once plied the waters of the Rio Grande.

There are many historical exhibitions scattered throughout the Museum. From newspaper records of the infamous “Plan De San Diego” to ranch histories, documents, photographs and archives that record the history of the South Texas Borderland.

The Rio Grande Valley’s Ranching History

The Rio Grande Valley’s ranching history that turned into cash crop farming later on with the arrival of irrigation and the railroad in the early twentieth century is presented for you, along with the frontier military history and the guerrilla cross border wars between The Texas Rangers and the Mexicans who believed that the lands of South Texas had been stolen from them. These wars went on for years and culminated in the chaos of the Mexican Civil War from 1910 until sometime in the 1920’s. There was much border war “spillage” to invoke a term that is in use today.

Historical photographs document much of the Valleys history as well as the present day and what may be coming in the future.

A visit to the museum store should be at the top of your list! There’s books on the borderlands, South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, Mexican history and culture and a whole lot more. The store also is a major source of funding to the museum, so every purchase, in this way, doubles as a donation as well.

Visit the The Museum of South Texas History at 200 N. Closner Blvd. in Edinburg, call ahead at (956) 383-6911 or contact them at their website:

Below is a brief video produced by MyLivability and gives you a taste of what to expect. Watch Winter Texan TV if you’re staying at these parks for this and more local information about the Rio Grande Valley.

Welcome Home Winter Texans!