Welcome Winter TexansThis Winter Season of 2017-2018 should be a good one. Reports from Winter Texan Parks tell of an early influx of Winter Visitors. Part of the reason could be the weather. Well, the weather is basically why there is a Winter Tourist Season in the Rio Grande Valley in the first place! Winter Texan numbers had been dropping over the last few years; but reserve your spaces now, this year there should be an up tick!

There are many reasons behind this prognostication, and one is the weather.

The " weather wizards" or the weather forecasters as they like to be called have looked into their crystal balls and waved their magic wands, or run their computer projections, or whatever they do, and the majority have predicted a colder than usual winter. They, of course never reveal all that they have in their bag of tricks and long range weather forecasting is fraught with peril.

My own personal feeling, based on nothing more than feeling, is that it won't be one of those super mild Valley Winters that we sometimes get. Those winters that are hardly worthy of the name. And this forecast, based only on intuition could be as right as any other. Long term hurricane forecasting as well as political forecasting have certainly turned out to be wrong as of late.

Colder weather always helps to bring winter tourists to the Rio Grande Valley, and a brisk north wind certainly is a possibility this year.

Some other unusual, even shocking occurrences, may make an enormous impact on this years winter tourist season. Hurricane Harvey and it's aftermath has devastated wide swaths of Texas from Corpus Christi all the way into Louisiana. It has been called a 1,000 year weather event, even a 50,000 year event, but whatever the number it could be the most devastating weather destruction in terms of property loss in Texas history. By the Grace of God, the Rio Grande Valley escaped unscathed. One little jog of the storm to the west and The Valley would have been hit hard, perhaps the hardest since a storm called "Beulah" back in 1968.

But the Valley is open for business. The people are warm and friendly. The Communities and the Parks have constant activities going on. And excursions to Mexico still occur. Admittedly, tourists will stay close to the border and most return a good while before the sun goes down. However, a day trip say to Nuevo Progeso, is more than likely less dangerous than a trip through some of the rougher American big cities; Chicago comes to mind, perhaps Los Angeles too. Texas cities do tend to be safer; and a side note, The Rio Grande Valley, Texas USA has a very low crime rate compared to most metropolitan areas across the USA!

So, if there's a problem with other areas of Texas, or Florida for that matter, The charms of the Rio Grande Valley await you. Come on down and Bienvenidos!

Here's a video by Claude Pageau from Nuevo Progreso in March, 2016.


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